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Are you starting your own small business or a hobby business?

Having started your own business, do you feel out of your depth?

Or, do you need some HR advice for your small business?

You’re in the right place! My name is Andy Hollinshead and I’m here to help you.

So Why Do I Do This?

I’m passionate about small business and that includes hobby businesses. I don’t work with many people because my time is limited but I get a real kick out of seeing people like you succeed. If money was my only motivator I would work exclusively for big business. It isn’t and I don’t.

I’m not only a Chartered Manager but also an Associate Member of the CIPD (which means I know a thing or two about HR). I can offer both business and HR advice.
As we are considering working together I’d like to tell you a few things about myself. I talk straight, I always try to be tactful, and my word is my bond. I will make you a promise right now:

A FREE 15-minute consultation to understand your needs and if I don’t think I can help you and your business I’ll tell you straight.

My Approach To Coaching

Previous client testimonials / reviews

Andy has helped me create a profitable part-time business from what I thought would only ever be a hobby. I never thought I would make much money from it.

He has assisted me to maximise earnings and therefore boosted my confidence too.


Owner, Paint Paws

Andy provided me with invaluable support, helping me to publish my first print on demand book and small clothing campaign. He’s an encourager, and his advice is sensible. He acts as a critical friend to your planning and development and in particular, helps you to consider your worth and how you value your own time and ideas.

Owner, Extra Space

There are three ways, as a Small Business Coach, I can help you and your business:

  1. If you are considering starting a small or even hobby business I can help:
    Ideally, I’d like to help you make your business work for you and spend maybe just an hour a month coaching you. I have a great deal of experience working with people who are new to business and have a lot to offer but if it ever comes to a point when I feel I can’t add any further value I’ll tell you.
  2. If you have started your business already but are struggling:
    I can usually very quickly spot where the real problems are and help you direct your resources to solve it. I will not fix your business for you but I will help you fix it for yourself.
  3. If you have an HR need I can often assist:
    Perhaps you have a problem with an employee. As an outsider, I can assist with mediation (but on occasions be prepared for compromise) or it may be that you are considering disciplinary action against an employee and are seeking advice or assistance. I can usually help here too, however, HR is a very wide area so don’t be offended if I direct you to a specialist in a particular area.

Like I said, my first 15 minutes are free so contact me right now as I would love to hear about your fantastic idea!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Coaching?
As a business coach I can help you to think differently, challenging your beliefs and assumptions. This will of course only work if you are willing to consider changing the way you do things.

Firstly, I need to explore the situation you are in by identifying and clarifying the problems. Complete honesty is key here. I can’t help you if I only have half the story. We can then assess your ability to deal with the problems.

Secondly, I will help you to develop a more in depth understanding of the problems and help you understand what your real needs are.

Lastly, I will try and help you get the results you are after and we will set SMART goals together. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

SMART goals are really important. They state exactly what needs to happen and the results must be measured. The goals must additionally be achievable, and realistic, and a time is set to achieve them by.

How Do I Know if Business Coaching Is Right for Me?

Business coaching is vital for any small business; especially so if you are starting out or you are not quite where you want to be. Being in business isn’t always easy and it is very hard to do it completely alone. Perhaps the question to ask is am I the right coach to help you?

Quite often I come across small businesses that mostly make reasonable decisions but never reach anywhere near their full potential. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • They never really analysed their problems so any solution put in is never ideal

Small businesses have a happy knack of applying quick fixes. “I just listen to my gut” they tell me. Well that’s great and it may solve a problem, but it probably wasn’t the ideal solution. You will only get the best results when you fully analyse and understand the problem then evaluate all the possible solutions. All too often small businesses just paper over the cracks meaning they never meet their full potential.

  • They use their time and resources poorly.

When I decided on a website I did not build it myself. I hired a professional as developing my skills in this area would have been a poor use of my time (I was not looking to be a web designer and hiring a professional meant I got the benefit of years of experience). A website is your shop window and it’s a perfect example of where small businesses use their time and resources poorly. All too often businesses buy a cheap website or do it themselves. It costs them dearly in lost time and the many customers they fail to attract over the years. To me designing your own web site is a bit like fixing your own car and wondering why you breakdown all the time.

As a business coach I aim to help you identify and solve the most important problems first. You generally can’t fix everything at once. I can help you use your time and resources effectively and ideally I’d like to be spending an amount of time with you once a month.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?
I’m happy to work with established businesses, however, from my point of view the sooner I can come and assist you the better. The ideal time for me to get involved is at the idea stage before you even start trading. I can really help you look at whether your idea is feasible and what the short, medium, and long term goals are. There is no point launching an exocet missile and then trying to work out how to fly it once it’s in the air. One of the many reasons small businesses fail is that they never developed their business model at the beginning.

When I am working with established businesses I really need to deep dive into your figures. Quite often you will have to go away and come back to me with the information I require so we can look at it together. This requires honesty and trust. If this is something that you are unhappy with I would be unable to work with you.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?
In addition to business coaching I can additionally offer services as an HR consultant as I am a qualified HR professional. Many small businesses are too small to justify having a dedicated HR professional and this is where I can be really useful.

You may wish to use me just as a pay as you go service with hourly billing or consult me on a regular basis paying a monthly fee.

Consulting is very different to coaching. The easiest way to explain this that I can think of is with cars.

  • A consultant will advice you on the best car to buy for your needs
  • A coach will encourage you to drive the car correctly and make suggestions.

HR used to be seen as very much an admin function but these days it tends to act much more strategically and be right at the heart of the business and can be a very specialised field. If I feel your requirements are outside of my area of expertise I will tell you.

If you are a small business without an HR function here are some of the ways I can assist you as an HR professional:

Hiring staff:If you are a small business looking to take on staff I would urge you to have an HR professional assist you with the process. It is all too easy to employ the wrong person. This can occur for a number of reasons such as a badly worded job advert, not correctly identifying the required skills, inviting the wrong candidates to interview, asking the wrong questions, hiring a poor choice.

Employment Law: It is really important to understand the law. If you don’t it will affect the relationship your organisation has with employees. The last thing you need is your business dragged through a court. Sometimes you might just need me to do a few simple checks for you. However, on other times I may have to direct you to a specialist in employment law.

Disciplinary Procedures: It is really important that this is a fair process. Sometimes people are not performing correctly because there is a skills gap. Disciplinary procedures should really be a last resort and remember if you sack someone unfairly they may take you to court.

Can I book you for one session?

You are welcome to book me for a one off session if you wish. This works well if the questions that you have are very simple and straight forward, however, as I have said before it is important when you apply a solution it is the best way to solve the issue. Quite often solving a problem requires looking at lots of different information and analysing everything over a period of time and testing a number of possible solutions.
When working with one business owner they wanted to increase sales and were convinced that the way to do this was to reduce the price. Well that would obviously have increased sales and was one of many possible solutions, however, it wasn’t the right solution…

What eventually happened was we looked at every element of the business together and did exactly the opposite. We actually raised prices and with a new website sales increased considerably. Getting things running right often isn’t a quick fix but when you get there you certainly reap the rewards.

In an ideal world I like to have an ongoing relationship with people solving problems together and making gentle improvements. If it ever comes to a point when I feel I can’t add any further value I’ll tell you.

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